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The Big Reveal of the Travel Fair

X-posted from hd_fan_fair.

Harry and Draco are walking back in the door, exhausted and a little sore from their epic adventures but they look at each other and share a smile filled with secrets and memories of every moment of the past few weeks. Draco pours them both a drink and they sit together, talking about their favourite moments. As much as they'll miss the thrill of travelling, they're happy to finally be home again.

The Travel Fair has come to an end. It’s been an incredible journey.

We’d like to thank each and every prompter, for without you there would have been no fest. We received 253 prompts for this fest. 105 prompts were claimed; 89 for fic and 16 for art.

In the end we posted 62 items, 48 fic and 14 art - and some held both fic and art. 49 authors wrote stories and 17 artists created art for the Travel Fair. So amazing!!! So, thank you to all claimers, even if you did have to drop out. Perhaps we will still see the completed work at some future time!

Thank you to everyone who offered to beta for our writers/artists, to everyone who recced and pimped the fests fic/art in their journals or to the newsletters. It was wonderful seeing just how celebrated our fest was.

And thank you to everyone who read and commented on the entries. We hope you had great fun. Thank you for your support.

And finally a huge thank you to all our participants; your entries have been amazing, thrilling us with exotic locations, times long past, alternate universes and great adventures.

Without further ado ...

♥ The Big Reveal of
hd_fan_fair's 2010 Travel Fair ♥

♥ ART ♥

yumekutteikt drew The Ninja Who Loved Me (Country: Japan, PG)
pearljamz drew and wrote Le Beau Monsieur sans Amour (Country: France, PG)
moonlitdark drew The Descent: a Potter/Malfoy Adventure (Country: a cave, PG)
mijeli drew Clown in the Moon (Space-travel, PG)
farfadine drew Ingredior In Spiritus (Dream-travel, PG)
phoenixacid drew Frozen In Time (Country: Norway, R)
sugareey drew Fade Away (Dream-travel, PG)
mayfly_78 drew Harry Potter's Holiday Romance: Or, Caught Red Handed (Country: Greece, G)
citrus_lime drew Cosplay Madness (Country: Japan, PG-13)
naadi drew Hot Pursuit (Countries: all around the world, PG-13)
sunshee drew Landed (Country: Cambodia, G)
naturegirlrocks drew Roughing it (Country: various, PG-13)
astridfire drew Unsinkable (Historical AU-travel, PG-13)
reira_21 drew When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire (Country: the Underworld, PG)

♥ FIC ♥

joan_waterhouse wrote Why Is Parchment Like a Boomerang? (Dream-travel, PG-13)
nursedarry wrote and thilia drew for Let’s Rejoice in the Beautiful Game (and Together at the End of the Day) (Country: various, NC-17)
byaghro and dysonrules wrote Ministry Ordered Exile (Country: Finland, R)
emerald_dragon8 wrote The World Without (Country: USA, R)
tigersilver wrote The French Connection (Country: France, NC-17)
dysonrules wrote The Incredible Race (Country: around the world, NC-17)
musamihi wrote The Haumiaroa Magical Society for the Conservation of Indigenous Wildlife (Country: New Zealand, Peru, PG-13)
paddynmoon wrote Our Lives Entwined (Country: Scotland, R)
maja_li wrote Poisoned Apples (Country: USA, PG-13)
enchanted_jae wrote Second Most Haunted (Country: USA, PG-13)
lotus_lizzy wrote Planes, Champagnes, and Chocolate-Chip Pancakes (Airplane-travel, NC-17)
protegonox wrote A Lesson in Love and Ice Cream (Country: Canada, NC-17)
creepylicious wrote Watch time fall apart (Time-travel, NC-17)
silenceberry wrote Wild Hearts (Country: USA, PG-13)
dylansbuzz wrote Second Chances (Country: Netherlands, R)
danikos_realms wrote The Seven Deathly Sins (Country: Wales, NC-17)
white_serpent wrote Take These Lies (Country: various, Alaska, R)
jtsbbsps_dk wrote Five Days in Denmark (Country: Denmark, NC-17)
auntpurl wrote Dream A Little Dream (Draco's Mind, R)
bleedforyou1 wrote All-Inclusive (Country: various, R)
hdwriter wrote The Happy Place (Country: Canada, PG-13)
leo_draconis wrote Hogwarts State of Mind (AU-travel, NC-17)
penguin474 wrote Where the Shore Ended and the Sea Began (Country: various, R)
potteresque_ire wrote Owlcards and Letters from Beyond the Storm (Country: various, R)
fantasyfruitbat wrote Medicine For The Soul (Country: Egypt, R)
marguerite_26 wrote and stellamoon drew for The Spider and the Moth (Country: Morocco, NC-17)
st4r_pl314d3s wrote Tag Along (Country: USA, G)
tinarebekka wrote A Wizard Road Trip ... The Muggle Way (Country: Germany, light R)
huntingsnarks wrote Harry and Draco’s Excellent Adventure (Time-travel, PG)
xerised wrote Sakura (Country: Japan, PG-13)
curia_regis wrote Of Aurors, Mirrors, and Mysteries (Time-travel, NC-17)
dadomz and i_l0ve_my_az wrote Adrift in a Sea of Paper Lanterns (Country: China, PG)
okydoky wrote But We'll Always Have Paris (Country: France, NC-17)
sirona_gs wrote There’s Nothing You Can Do That Can’t Be Done (Time-travel, PG-13)
firefox1490 wrote Go Send Me Your Heart (Country: USA, PG-13)
dark_branwen wrote Unsinkable (Historical AU-travel, NC-17)
gryffindorj wrote Exiled (Country: Spain, NC-17)
crazyparakiss wrote This Could Be Home, This Could Be Love, This Could Be Family (Country: USA, NC-17)
wemyss wrote Potter's Lock (Country: Britain, PG-13)
khasael wrote The Most Miserable Place on Earth (Country: USA, R)
snarkyscorp wrote and _aurora_sky_ drew for The Cold of An Early Winter's Chill (Time-travel, R)
cleodoxa wrote This Business of Being (AU-travel, R)
anon_drarry wrote Torn Are the Soft Ties (Country: USA, NC-17)
pearljamz wrote Le Beau Monsieur sans Merci (Country: France, PG-13)
mindabbles wrote Red Lights, Soft Nights (Country: Thailand, NC-17)
megyal wrote The Heart of Hogwarts (AU-travel, PG)
femmequixotic wrote Sæglópur (Country: Iceland, NC-17)
noeon wrote La Isla Bonita (Country: The Canaries, NC-17)

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